Dr, MKO Balogun visits our site

Dr, MKO Balogun visits our site
28 Oct 2015

Dr, MKO Balogun; the MD/CEO of Global Properties & Facilities Int’l Ltd visited our site and this is what he had to say “

Dear TAF Team
Good evening and thank you for hosting me at your office and taking me round one of the most ambitious development in the South of Nigeria, the development, a JV in a very volatile environment politically and socially and in the era of lack of continuity of projects from one government to the other, the RIVTAF Golf Estate is indeed a model for Nigeria and Africa.

I like to commend the level of engineering, project management, community relations and the structure of the project as very ideal in this part of the world and recommend same for various state governments and private developers to emulate. The level of contentment by subscribers expressed by some of the people I encountered during my one day trip is unusual and a testimony to the connection the MD of TAF Home Africa, Mustapha Nije with his community (staff, vendors, subscribers, host community, government) that has made the project a huge success and a model for all to learn from.

Congrats to all stakeholders of the project, proud to be associated with TAF Home Africa.”