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Jan 2016

Once you provide Nigerians with Good Quality Homes, they will pay, says TAF

TAF Africa Homes has remained one of the leading property development companies on the continent with presence in eight countries. How did you achieve the feat?

We’ve focused on what we’re known for all these years and not seek to put our hands on different industries despite the offers and opportunities. I’ve been in Construction for over 40 years starting from the very bottom of the ladder to learn the basic rudiments of construction, earning my way up to managing projects before starting my company 26 years ago.

You can only get better when you invest that much time in perfecting your craft. With this wealth of experience, I have great appreciation for apprenticeship and expect that from all my staff in anything they do. Lucky enough my team has caught my vision so the race is swift. We then collectively focus on our core business and challenge ourselves to be innovative and build our brand. This has caught the attention of our customers and partners within Africa and as a result we are often sought after by both Governments and Private sectors within Africa.

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