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Sep 2015

A word from the Permanent Secretary & Surveyor General of Rivers State

The Permanent Secretary & Surveyor General of Rivers State; Gaius Assor, who had visited the Gambia to see Taf’s project in Gambia also visited our site on the 29th of September 2015. I had the privilege of attending to him and this is what he had to say about the estate.

“I didn’t make a mistake asking Taf to replicate what we saw in the Gambia in Nigeria. He didn’t disappoint me rather he over delivered. The Rivtaf Golf estate is even better than what we expected. Taf converted an impossible environment to a possible heaven. A big kudos to Taf”

A prospective investor, Dr. Aloysius Uche Ordu, Chief Executive Officer, Omapu Associates LLC and former Vice President at the African Development Bank and former Director at the World Bank Group, visited our Rivtaf Golf estate on September 29, 2015. After touring the estate, he noted that:
“According to a recent UN report, in the next 50 years, Nigeria will be the third most populous country in the world after India (first) and China (second).  The challenge for Nigeria and indeed Africa is urbanization and jobs. How to house our children, women and men should be of utmost priority. Rivtaf Golf estate is delivering high quality housing in a timely manner. This is commendable indeed.