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It is undisputable that every economy that wants to develop must commit to the provision of infrastructure of which one key element is housing. The Rivers State Government believes that sustained infrastructural development is pivotal for economic growth and employment generation in the State.

Through our strategic partnership with TAF Nigeria Homes Limited in the “GOLF ESTATE”, we are vigorously committed to addressing the social and economic challenges of our people by providing affordable home ownership. In this project, we are not only providing homes but also creating employment opportunities for various skill sets such as engineers, electricians, builders, construction labourers, and a whole lot of people in the entire distribution chain. We are proud to be associated with this project as it demonstrates our unending commitment to using creative and dynamic solutions to meet the needs of our people.

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Using our 26 years experience operating all over the African Continent, we have been successful in working with the communities surrounding the Rivtaf Golf Estate in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. We train, employ and empower the youths of the communities; Azubie, Okuru and Okujagu; to be world class standard artisans.

Our success is a result of our transparent operations with the community and fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities to them. This built trust eliminated any form of animosity that is often times associated with such projects and the host community.

For the three years we have operated in these communities, we have made a conscious effort to maximize employment for the youths of the communities by managing the use automated machinery to only when necessary.


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