Q. Where is your sales office located?

At the Madiba Mall, in Brufut Gardens Estate right opposite the Sheraton Hotel, The Gambia, West Africa.

Q. What are your office opening hours?

Monday to Thursday : 9am - 4.30pm

Friday and Saturday : 9am - 1pm

Q. How can one contact the Taf Gambia team?

Telephone: +220 3762333 / +220 7762333

Email: information.services@tafgambia.com

Facebook: RivTaf

Q. How long does it take to move into a house from Taf?

Completion periods:

4-6 months:
  • Jariatou (2 bed bungalow)
  • Kordou (2 bed storey)
  • Hoja (3 bed bungalow)
8-10 months:
  • Ngilan (3 bed bungalow)
  • Jalika (3 bed bungalow)
  • Aram (3 bed storey)
12 months:
  • Oumie (4 bed storey)
  • Fatou (4 bed storey)

Q. In what currency can I pay for a house from Taf?

All currencies worldwide

Q. Do I have to be a Gambian to own a Taf home in The Gambia?

No, all nationalities can buy a house in The Gambia.

Q. What are the extra costs involved in owning a taf house

  • Stamp duty @ 1.5%
  • Estate management
  • Legal fees
  • connecting to water and electricity

Q. Are Taf homes freehold properties

All land in The Gambia is on a 99 year lease, owners will be transferred the remaining of the lease. Lease is renewable after 99 years